August 18: Amy King | Daily Literary Quote

August 18: Amy King's "You Make the Culture" | Daily Literary Quotes
August 18: Amy King’s “You Make the Culture” | Daily Literary Quotes

Hello Cobblers!

Today the literary world celebrates “Bad Poetry Day”, BUT I decided that I am not in a position to tag the term “bad poetry” onto someone else’s work. Besides, can we really be objective when approaching any creative work? The reason I may be partial to a poem may relate to my own experiences or outlooks, while you may enjoy that poem for a completely different reason. So, I did not choose a “bad” poem for today’s reading.

Instead, I decided to choose the work of a writer who isn’t necessarily a house-hold name outside of the literary world: Amy King. I was introduced to King after she was featured on’s “Poem of the Day”, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share her work and take a step away from my usual spotlight on very well-known or popular pieces. To read the rest of Amy’s poem, check it out on “You Make the Culture”.

I also read an interview with King that I thought you might find interesting over on Bookslut: “An interview with Amy King“.

I couldn’t have a literary holiday and not have some featured content for you, so I’ve chosen a couple links to keep you entertained:

NPR dedicated a segment for “Bad Poetry Day”: “Not My Job: Boston’s Dick Flavin is Quizzed on the ‘Worst Poet Ever’ “.


A creative performance of what Ian Delaney has decided is “bad” poetry: “Very Bad Poetry- ‘I Hate You More Than Broccoli’ “. 

Don’t be afraid to let this day be an excuse to read more than poetry than usual.



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