August 22: Birth of Dorothy Parker


August 22: Dorothy Parker's Birthday | Literary Cobblestones
August 22: Dorothy Parker’s Birthday | Literary Cobblestones

Hello cobblers!

Today in literary history: the birth of author Dorothy Parker. Preparing this post was also my introduction to Parker, not that I’m proud to admit it. If you have any schooling for me on the subject of Parker, please feel free to throw it in the comments.

If you, too, need to be schooled on Parker, has some of her poetry collection on their site: “Dorothy Parker”.

Today’s feature article comes from a bit of a surprising place — Vanity Fair. I found this article really helpful in trying to paint a full image of Parker and what she was all about: “Rebel in Evening Clothes”.

Wait for it…

Of course there’s going to be an interview from the Paris Review! If they have it, I post it. I love them and I’m not ashamed to voice it: “Dorothy Parker, The Art of Fiction No. 13”.

I hope reading some Parker starts off your Saturday on the right foot, or at least right side of the bed. AND she’s not all you’re getting today because it’s a DOUBLE COBBLESTONE DAY! Yep, it is also Ray Bradbury’s birthday: “August 22: Birth of Ray Bradbury.”



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