August 25: Billy Collins

August 25: Billy Collin's "Picnic, Lightning" | Daily Literary Quotes from Literary Cobblestones
August 25: Billy Collin’s “Picnic, Lightning” | Daily Literary Quotes from Literary Cobblestones
Hello Cobblers!

Today’s literary quote comes From the great poet, and former Poet Laureate of the U.S., Billy Collins *and the crowd roars*.

Collins is an exceptional poet, and he is no stranger to be interviewed or giving talks, so there was no struggle trying to find adequate material to share with you. I chose my favorites and listed them below.

My first pick may now be my all time favorite Ted Talk: “Billy Collins: Everyday moments, caught in time.”  When it comes to visual and auditory pieces to accompany daily literary quotes, I try to keep it below five minutes, but this performance is well worth 13 minutes of your life.

This is a link to Billy Collins’ website where you can buy any/all of his work: “Billy Collins.”

NPR has an interview with Collins from 2011: “Collins Values Approachable Poetry, Not Pretension.” This article also includes selections of poems from his collection Horoscopes for the Dead. How amazing is that title.

The Library of Congress has a whole digital archive of Collins: “Billy Collins: Online Resources“.

As always, a fantastic interview in the Paris Review: “Billy Collins, The Art of Poetry No.83.

We can never have enough interviews. Here’s one from the Washington Post: “Billy Collins on life, death and poetry.

And we end this post with an even older interview from Guernica: “A Brisk Walk: An Interview with Billy Collins.

That is all I have for you, so hopefully it entertains you enough that you forget it’s only Tuesday.



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