October 4: John William Polidori

October 4: John William Polidori's "The Vampyre" | Daily Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones
October 4: John William Polidori’s “The Vampyre” | Daily Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones

Hello Cobblers!

It’s time for that weekly Sunday sadness that comes about when there’s less than 24 hours until Monday. Let me ease your pain by distracting you with John William Polidori‘s “The Vampyre.” If you have yet to read “The Vampyre”, Project Gutenberg offers free copies: “Project Gutenberg: The Vampyre.”

This story is often associated with Lord Byron, but it is in fact the product of Polidori. Apparently, Byron and Polidori had an interesting relationship that influenced Polidori’s story, which Andrew McConnel Stott writes about on The Public Domain Review, “The Poet, the Physician and the Birth of the Modern Vampire.” Here’s a look at the story: “Like Frankenstein, ‘The Vampyre’ draws extensively on the mood at Byron’s Villa Diodati. But whereas Mary Shelley incorporated the orchestral thunderstorms that illuminated the lake and the sublime mountain scenery that served as a backdrop to Victor Frankenstein’s struggles, Polidori’s text is woven from the invisible dynamics of the Byron-Shelley circle, and especially the humiliations he suffered at Byron’s hand.

Polidori has yet to get as much attention as he deserves, at least outside of the scholarly community, so that is it for today’s hyperlinks.

Good day, my friends.


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