October 12: Stephen King

October 12: Stephen King's "Salem's Lot" | Daily Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones
October 12: Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot” | Daily Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones

Good Monday, Cobblers!

Ah, yes, our dreaded Monday has returned, but as it is Gothic Literature Month here at Literary Cobblestones, even Monday’s deserve to be celebrated. Today, I bring you the work of Stephen King and his second novel, “Salem’s Lot.”

King’s work is not out of copyright, so in order to purchase this work in the most beneficial way for the author, I suggest going directly to the source: “Stephen King’s Official Website.”

Every year Pen America publishes a collection of personal essays from some of their staff writers to go along with Banned Books Week. Here is Eric Gansworth’s reflection on “Salem’s Lot”: “Reservation Sunsets and ‘Salem’s Lot’. ” This is my favorite line from the essay: “Through adolescence, I was a human Banned Book by proxy.

Our final hyperlink goes to Rolling Stone magazine and their interview with King: “Stephen King: The Rolling Stone Interview.” I absolutely love when writers hit ‘rock star’ status. The art is not dead!

That is all for today, my friends. Tomorrow we take a look at Anne Rice’s “Interview with a Vampire.”

Oh, and I’ve decided to make this Friday a double post, but instead of a bonus literary work, I’ll be focusing on my favorite scary podcasts as an accompaniment to our Gothic Literature Month.


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