October 29: Wilkie Collins

October 29: Wilkie Collins' "The Woman in White" | Daily Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones
October 29: Wilkie Collins’ “The Woman in White” | Daily Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones

Hello, Cobblers!

Our last Thursday of Gothic Literature Month is commemorating Wilkie Collins‘ and “The Woman in White.”

The Links You Need In Your Life

Love Collins so much that you want to join up? Check out his group of followers: “The Wilkie Collins Society.

Get to know Collins and his work. The New Yorker hosts a close look at Collins’ and examines why he’s still relevant, by Jonathan Rosen: “Doubles: Wilkie Collins’ shadow selves.” Here’s a sneak peek: “What indeed! A hundred and fifty years after the publication of ‘The Woman in White,’ in which this scene appears, Wilkie Collins had her. And she didn’t even know what an asylum was.

Only got a minute? Syracuse University hosts a digital copy of a personal letter from Collins to poet Paul Hamilton Hayne: “Wilkie Collins Letter: An inventory of his correspondence at Syracuse University.

Want to get a little nosy? Take a look inside Collins’ wild life with an extended biography from History Today’s Nigel Jones, like Facebook creeping someone from the 19th century: “Wilkie Collins, a Life of Sensation.

Can you believe there are only two more days of Gothic Literature Month??? Let us know your favorite gothic post from this month in the comments.


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