November 5: Franz Kafka

November 5: Franz Kafka's writing advice | NaNoWriMo & Daily Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones
November 5: Franz Kafka’s writing advice | NaNoWriMo & Daily Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones

Hello, Cobblers!

Welcome to NaNoWriMo Month (yes, that’s redundant) here at Literary Cobblestones. Even if you’re not taking part in National Novel Writing Month, hopefully you can take away some of the creative inspiration from it for other aspects of your life. If you’re completely confused about NaNoWriMo then check out our introduction to post for November: “November 2015: NaNoWriMo.”

Today’s inspirational writing quote comes from Franz Kafka. If you’re interested in more from Kafka, take a look at our previous Kafka posts: “August 4: Franz Kafka” & “October 27: Franz Kafka.”

The Links You Need in Your Life

If you’re writing, be prepared. Adam Forsgen, at East Idaho News, has put together a list of the inner demons you may come up against while on your novel writing adventure: “Prepare Thyself to Slay Monsters on Your NaNoWriMo Quest.” Anyone else feel haunted by what Forsgen describes as the “Fear Phantom”? I think that one is my eternal nemesis.

Now that you’ve faced your phantoms, get excited! Remember: you started this challenge for a reason, so don’t allow yourself to feel hopeless just yet. Stacy Condrat at Mental Floss has compiled a list of NaNoWriMo success stories: “14 Published Novels Written During NaNoWriMo.” Continue doing your thing and you might make number 15 on the list next year.

Alright, now that you feel inspired again check out some tips from a writing success story, MG Leonard, published by The Guardian: “How to write a book – top tips for National Novel Writing Month.

Tweets, Tweet, Tweets

My favorite part of NaNoWriMo is reading the range of emotions that are broadcasted from the writers in tweet form. Here are my favorites so far:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s it for today, Cobblers. As always, read on.


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