November 10: F. Scott Fitzgerald

November 10: F. Scott Fitzgerald's writing advice | Daily literary quotes @ literary cobblestones
November 10: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing advice | Daily literary quotes @ literary cobblestones

Hello, Cobblers!

Today we look to the great F. Scott Fitzgerald for some NaNoWriMo writing advice: “What people are ashamed of makes a good story.” I’m a sucker for any writing pieces that reveal a host of family secrets.

Alright, let’s get into it.

The Links You Need in Your Life

Need some more tips to keep going? You can never have too many writing tips, especially when you’re trying to keep up your enthusiasm to finish out your first 50,000 words. Here some more tips from Etgar Keret, at Rookie Mag, to inspire you to keep going: “Ten Rules for Writers: Note even rules, more like hidden truths.” My favorite from the list is number three: “When you’re writing, you don’t owe anything to anyone.” I should add this to my daily mantra.

Advice from people who know what’s up. We can look up tips from just about everyone, but there are some days that only your favorite authors can you break through your mental block. Tracy O’Neill has put together a curation of writing advice from actual published authors, over at New York Public Library’s website: “Authors Share Their Best Writing Tips with NYPL.” Here’s a sneak peak (Jesmyn Ward): “With my first novel, I was encountering so much tragedy in my real life that the last thing I wanted to do was wrestle with it in my fiction. But because I was loath to do that, it meant I was cheating and I wasn’t telling the truth.

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That’s it for today, cobblers. If you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo, you’re almost half-way there; don’t give up yet!


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