January 14: Jen Beagin

January 14: Quote from Jen Beagin's "Hole" (an excerpt from 'Pretend I'm Dead'), featured on Electric Literature | Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones [LiteraryCobblestones.wordpress.com]
Quote from Jen Beagin’s “Hole” (Excerpt from Pretend I’m Dead) (Electric Literature)

Happy Thursday!

Today’s featured quote comes from the creative genius that is Jen Beagin,  taken from an excerpt (“Hole”) of her fiction novel entitled “Pretend I’m Dead.” I came across “Hole” thanks to Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading list, and I was completely sucked in by Beagin’s writing style.

Her writing is unlike anything I’ve ever read before, honestly; it flows like poetry, especially her dialogue, but it’s also extremely raw. What do I mean by raw? I guess I mean that her words are placed in such a manner that they read smoothly, but the actual subject matter, and even the specific word choices themselves, carry such a dirty, raw honesty. Dirty? Yes, dirty, as in it showcases a world that people outside of such a landscape often go out of their way to avoid, and yet, the work never apologizes for it. It’s authentic, and I am the type of reader that searches for such honesty and am often let down. Beagin did not let me down, and I am officially a bonafide Beagin-fangirl.

Alright, I’ve geeked out enough. Let’s get into it, shall we?

The Links You Need in Your Life

The one link you must absolutely click: “Hole.” This will take you to Electric Literature’s site to read the featured excerpt. Don’t question it, just do it. And when you’re finished reading it, you can come back here and geek out with me in the comments below. You’re welcome.

Love it? Then go ahead and buy the full novel over over on Northwestern Universtiy Press’ website: “Pretend I’m Dead.

Get to know Beagin by reading an interview she did with Christine Sneed over on Newcity Lit: “The Poetics of Mona: Parsing Jen Beagin’s Excellent Debut Novel, ‘Pretend I’m Dead’.”

Want more? Lucky for you, I found another short fiction piece by Beagin published by the West Branch Wired at Bucknell University: “Betty.


That’s it for Beagin, but let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, don’t forget: today is double-post-day, so I’ll have the next post up shortly. AND tomorrow, is also a double-post-day to make up for last week’s mix-up.




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