January 21: Maddy Raskulinecz

January 21: Literary Quote by Maddy Raskulinecz taken from "Inside" (3:AM Magazine) | Find more #Literary #Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones
Literary Quote by Maddy Raskulinecz from “Inside” (3:AM Magazine)


Hello, literary friends.

I hope to find you nearing the end of another successful week. Today’s featured quote comes from Maddy Raskulinecz’s short story entitled “Inside” (published by 3:AM Magazine.) I chose this piece because of the style of the writing; it’s unlike anything I’ve read before. I love it enough that I’ve already read it three times, so I hope you enjoy it as well. Keep reading to find the link to the story as well as other pieces by Raskulinecz that I think you should give a look.

The Links You Need in Your Life

The link to you really should check out over on 3:AM Magazine: “Inside.” This fiction piece is a quick read and so different from what’s being regularly published in this age.

Only have five minutes? Then check out this short piece by Raskulinecz published on Wigleaf: “Final Fish Death.”

Barely a minute to spare? Then Raskulinecz’s flash fiction piece on Word Riot is exactly what you need: “In the Time It Takes Me to Forget You My Hair Will Grow Back to the Way You Like It.


That’s it for today, but check back tomorrow for a list of my favorite Tumblr Blogs!




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