Top 5 Tumblrs for Book Lovers

Top 5 Tumblrs for Book Lovers: A Listicle from Literary Cobblestones |
Top 5 Tumblrs for Book Lovers | Literary Cobblestones


Is there anything more satisfying than a massive collection of books? Well, a well-crafted curation of book photographs is a close second. Of all the social media sites, Tumblr definitely wins in the ‘Library Aesthetic’ category. Here are my top five Tumblr blogs that have mastered the art of digital book-art curation:

1. Tea, Coffee, and Books

There are two types of book-fiends: tea lovers and coffee lovers. I fall into the latter category, and there’s nothing I love more than a combination of coffee and books. Tea, Coffee, and Books (<–look at that oxford! ❤ ) satisfies both types of book-lovers with a steady stream of photos featuring well-placed novels positioned perfectly next to a cup of your liquid of choice.

2. Rainy Days Coffee and Books

If you happen to be a lover of literature AND a pluviophile (lover of rain), then this Tumblr is your one-stop shop. Along with visuals of rain, books and coffee, Rainy Days Coffee and Books also shares quotes and general book-lover related content. They also host giveaways through their Twitter.

3. Forever Lost in Literature

Another wonderfully curated collection of books visuals, Forever Lost in Literature also publishes their own literary reviews. Check out their website as well as their Tumblr for the full literary experience.

4. Accio Books and Sunshine

This blog is perfect for everyday readers as well as members of certain literary fandoms. Be prepared for a great collection of memes, gifs and posts that will satisfy those seeking the general reading aesthetic.

5. The Book Basics

The Book Basics is the well-rounded book lover’s blog. It will suit your general book aesthetic needs, including some Harry Potter posts, as well as tackle your need for posts pertaining to travel and music. This is my 3 am go-to.


Do you have anyone more Tumblrs to add? Let me know in the comments. I can never follow too many ‘Library Aesthetic’ blogs. 🙂

Oh, don’t forget to follow Literary Cobblestones on Tumblr where you can see original posts as well as a lot of shared posts from the five blogs mentioned above.





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