January 26: Alexandra Kleeman

January 26: Alexandra Kleeman Quote from "Disappearing Dad Disorder" (Electric Literature), excerpted from You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine (Harper) | Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones
Alexandra Kleeman Quote from “Disappearing Dad Disorder” (Electric Literature), excerpted from You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine (Harper)

Happy Tuesday, my literary friends.

I’m excited to add another author to this month’s theme of new literary discovery: Alexandra Kleeman. Forgive me if I have another fan-girl moment, but Kleeman has brought contemporary fiction to another level. As in literary-love as I now feel, I have absolutely no idea how to describe this piece for you. For her vogue, Maya Singer describes it “impossible to summarize”, and I think that’s part of the beauty of it. The closest thing to a description as I can offer comes from Cal Morgan, who introduces this excerpt on Electric Literature: “existential horror.” You’re enticed now, aren’t you? I thought so. Read on for a link to this excerpt as well as all the links you’ll want to read after you’ve finished it.

The Links You Need in Your Life

The absolute must-click link will take you to where I found this excerpt, Electric Literature: “Disappearing Dad Disorder.” After you’ve finished reading, learn more about Kleeman from her website, send her a tweet of praise and purchase the novel, You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine, from Harper Collins.

Only got a few minutes? Check out this interview with Kleeman, by Maya Singer, over at Vogue: “Alexandra Kleeman’s You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine is Fight Club for Women.” Here’s an excerpt: “The book is virtually impossible to summarize, a supersmart, semicomic treatise on identity and appetite that sweeps a good deal of plot and even more thinking into 304 taut pages. But the novel’s net effect is easy to describe: Alexandra Kleeman has written Fight Club for girls.

If you’re now sucked in and want to learn more about Kleeman, check out another interview, by Jane Gayduk over at The Awl: “You Too Can Have a Debut Novel Like Mine: An Interview with Alexandra Kleeman.”

Need more Kleeman fiction? Check out her short story published by Guernica in 2014: “You, Disappeared.” Here’s a quick line that’ll definitely make you click it: “Nobody thought the apocalypse would be so polite and quirky. Things just popped out of existence, like they had forgotten all about themselves.”


That’s it for today but check back on Thursday for another featured quote from your next new-favorite writer. Carpe Diem.




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