January 28: J.E. Reich

January 28: J.E. Reich quote from "The Werewolves of Anspach" (Little Fiction) | Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones
J.E. Reich quote from “The Werewolves of Anspach” (Little Fiction)

Hello, my literary friends. Happy Thursday, aka almost-Friday! Congratulations on surviving another school/work week.

This is the last regular post for #NewLitJanuary, and I think you’re going to fall into  literary-love with today’s author: J.E. Reich. I almost stashed this piece to be used in 2016’s Gothic Lit. Month, but I decided that it would be the perfect end to what has turned out to be a very successful month of new author/literature discovery. Today’s links, per usual, will be all about Reich, but unlike the normal set-up, they’re all pieces of her work. Also, I haven’t ranked them because I demand that you read them all.

The Links You Need in Your Life

First up, the story from which today’s feature quote is taken from, published by Little Fiction: “The Werewolves of Anspach.”

Second, a piece published on Flapperhouse: “Breakers.”

Third, we can thank the folks at Underground Voices for showcasing this piece early on in Reich’s career: “The Multiverse.”

Finally, this link will take you to purchase Reich’s first novella over on Though Catalog: “The Demon Room.” Buy it now so you can be that person that “knew her back when.”


That’s it for today, but after you’ve read through the pieces, don’t hesitate to let me know how awesome I am for choosing Reich to round out our new literature month. 😉



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