5 Pinners All Book-Lovers Should Follow on Tumblr

5 Pinners That Every Book-Lover Should Follow on Pinterest | #Literary #Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones
5 Pinners That Every Book-Lover Should Follow on Pinterest | Literary Cobblestones


When it comes to digital curation, Pinterest knocks out all other social media sites because it offers such easy and learnable organization without loss of aesthetic. To me, it’s essentially a platform for amateur curators and I love it. So, I’ve decided to share my favorite literary and book-aesthetic focused Pinners:

The Literary Analyst

This pinner is also a reviewer of fiction works, so you can skip the work and jump straight to the best pieces. “Great Book Covers” is a curation of visually stimulating novel covers, and “Books+” goes beyond book aesthetic with quotes and book-themed decorative visuals.

Notable Boards: Great Book Covers, Books+.

Book Riot

Book Riot has a board for virtually any literary interest you may have, from literary themed vacations (“Literary Tourism”) to all things Harry Potter (“The Wizarding Wonders of Harry Potter”). Lover of literary quotes? Check out “They Said It”. If you’d like ideas for your future book themed house, then take a peek at “Getting Shelfish”. Warning: After your first click, you may look up and realized six hours have passed.

Notable Boards: Literary Tourism, The Wizarding Wonders of Harry Potter, They Said It, Getting Shelfish.

The Literary Corner

Had I found this pinner before I graduated, I imagine that I’d still be in college because I would’ve never gotten anything. The Literary Corner has taken all of those visually gorgeous quote memes that you love and separated them by author. Yes, dreams do come true.

Notable Boards: Mary Shelley, Langston Hughes, Oscar Wilde.

It’s Written Literary Apparel

Book-lovers love quotes. It’s that simple. We write them, paint them on the walls, cover our sneakers in them, tattoo them on our bodies and now we can wear them thanks to brands like It’s Written. On their Pinterest, they have a few boards focused on their clothing line but they also have a board dedicated to “Literary Postcards”, a collection of beautifully designed, literary-themed postcards that they also sell. Yes! I also really enjoy their “Bookshops & Libraries” board which houses digital photographs of exactly that.

Notable Boards: Literary Postcards, Bookshops & Libraries.

Literary Hoarders

Well, yes. And you’re literary hoarding, whether digital or physical, will only get worse after spending time on Literary Hoarders’ boards. I recommend “Bookish Things”, which will fulfill you’re libarary-aesthetic needs as well as every and all literary-something needs. “Book Lovers” is also a great board for when you need assistance with what you should read next.

Notable Boards: Bookish Things, Book Lovers.


Now you can feel free to blame me when you get nothing accomplished this weekend ;). Also, don’t forget to add Literary Cobblestones on Pinterest so that we can curate together!




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