World Poetry Day featuring a Literary Quote from Gwendolyn McEwen

A #literary #quote from Gwendolyn McEwen's "Dark Pines Under Water" | Literary Quotes @ Literary Cobblestones
A #literary #quote from Gwendolyn McEwen’s “Dark Pines Under Water”

Hello, bookworms! Yesterday, March 21st, was the annual World Poetry Day celebration. Since LitCobs doesn’t post on Mondays, I thought we could extend the celebration an extra day and feature the work of poet Gwendolyn McEwen. If you’d like to continue the poetry celebration with us, check out the curated list of links below.

The Literary Links You Need in Your Life

Find out the history of World Poetry Day from The U.N.: “World Poetry Day.”

If you’re a struggling writer, then this article from Mashable, featuring the non-writing jobs of famous poets, might make you feel better about the struggle: “12 Famous Poets & Their Day Jobs.

In case you missed it, apparently some businesses in Dublin accepted poetry as payments. Prepare to save money next World Poetry Day by reading about it in this article from The Journal: “Some Dublin Cafes are Taking Poems as Payment Today for World Poetry Day.”

What would a World Poetry Day celebration be without actual poetry? Huffington Post’s Maddie Crum put together a list of poems from female poets for the event: “14 Brilliant Poets to Read on World Poetry Day.”

There’s no such thing as too much poetry, so check out a collection of quotes from The Independent, curated by Clarisse Loughrey: “World Poetry Day: 28 of poetry’s most powerful lines ever written.” This article is also where I found today’s featured quote, so thanks, Loughrey.


That’s it for this World Poetry Day celebration, but you continue the fun with last week’s listicle: “10 Quotes to Prepare for World Poetry Day.”


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