J.K. Rowling Quotes: The Casual Vacancy (Part 2) | Literary Cobblestones

J.K. Rowling Quotes: The Casual Vacancy (Part 2) | Literary Cobblestones


Welcome back to LitCobs!

To continue our ‘The Casual Vacancy’ week for J.K. Rowling Appreciation Month, this post is dedicated to some of the best interviews Rowling gave during the launch of ‘Vacancy’. Check it out today’s must-read links below.

‘The Casual Vacancy’ Links You Need in Your Life

Only have five minutes? Check out a quick interview with Rowling, recorded around the launch of ‘Vacancy’ (ABC News): “J.K. Rowling Interview on ‘The Casual Vacancy’: ‘Harry Potter’Author on Rihanna’s Influence”.

If you prefer a longer, more in-depth interview, check out  one of my all time favorite interviews from BBC Scotland and hosted by James Runcie: “J.K. Rowling: Writing For Grown Ups 2012“. The interview is around 30 minutes long and offers an inside look at Rowling’s writing process this time around.

Also, check out this piece from Ian Parker, composed of both a look at the novel and his interview with Rowling (The New Yorker): “Mugglemarch“. Here’s a great line to entice you:

There’s a resentfully uprooted teen-age Londoner in ‘The Casual Vacancy,’ and Rowling volunteered that this is a partial self-portrait.


That’s it for ‘The Casual Vacancy’ week on LitCobs, but be sure to check out all of our other posts from this month on the J.K. Rowling Appreciation Month page.



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