New Year Celebration: Best LitCobs Posts of 2016

The Best LitCobs Literary Quotes Posts of 2016 | Literary Cobblestons


The first month of the year leaves many of us in a post-holiday slump. As with most situations, everything can be made better with literary quotes. To ease your transition into the new year, check out the top five LitCobs posts from 2016:

1. New Year, New Literature: Sarah Nicole Prickett


One of LitCobs most popular articles of 2016 was our feature on Sarah Nicole Prickett in January. The success of this post was in part due to Prickett’s much-appreciated shoutout to LitCobs on her Tumblr. (Thanks, Sarah!)

While the article only briefly highlights a few pieces of her work, I think we all became equally obsessed with her writing style. If you missed the piece, go check it out now, and if you fell in love with Prickett’s work as much as I did, follow her on social media to keep up-to-date on her newest releases.

2. 5 Moving Quotes From ‘Harry Potter & the Cursed Child’


When the screenplay for ‘Harry Potter & the Cursed Child’ was published in July, the entire HP fandom couldn’t get their hands on it fast enough, myself included. Regardless how you felt about continuing Harry’s journey, the story was filled with some great quotes. Check out the full list here.


3. Getting Acquainted With Rising Authors: J.E. Reich


“The Werewolves of Anspach” was a great piece to finish out New Literature Month and one of the best stories I read all year. Reich is one of those writers that will be making favorites lists for years to come.

4. 10 Best Dr. Seuss Quotes For Adults


Dr. Seuss is often to referred to as a children’s literature master, but his work easily transfers to adult life. The post was originally a celebration of his birthday, but this collection of quotes is great for every day of the year.


5. 5 Best Harry Potter Quotes Of All Time


To celebrate the launch of ‘Harry Potter & the Cursed Child’, LitCobs dedicated the entire month of July to J.K. Rowling’s work. After all of these years, so many of us still love the series and its beautiful one-liners that can be used in multiple situations. Take a look at the original post.


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