About Literary Cobblestones


Welcome, welcome!

Here at Literary Cobblestones’ headquarters, we aim to create a space for literary lovers of all types. The human connection to literature is an essential part of life, and at Literary Cobblestones we hope to provide a way for each and every reader to connect with a work or author for the first time or reconnect with a piece of work to which once impacted your life.

We post new content three days a week: Tuesday and Thursday are featured literary quote days, accompanied by a series of relevant links; and Fridays feature a concept/theme post, usually in the form of a list or favorites curation that relates to the most recent posts or the monthly theme.  Certain days of the month are dedicated to specific authors because of specific dates (like birthdays and publication dates) while some days are completely random. We also have ‘theme’ months in which our content will be dedicated to a specific genres or topics; for instance, November is National Novel Writing Month, so our content will focus on quotes regarding writing, mostly from writers.

This is our main site, but we are also active on Twitter, Tumblr, & Pinterest. Join us!

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lcobblestones

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LiteraryCobbles

Tumblr: http://www.LiteraryCobblestones.tumblr.com

Want to see your favorite quote? Or are you a writer that wants to get a line of your own work circulating?

Email us (LiteraryCobblestones@gmail.com) or comment on any post with your request. If it’s your original work, be sure to give us all of your information so that we can be sure to let readers know where to find your creative genius.


Digital Content Curator: Tiffany R. Ragsdale | LinkedIn | Twitter | Gmail 


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