Welcome to Literary Cobblestones

Welcome to Literary Cobblestones! On this site, you will find a growing collection of quotes from a wide array of literary works. Each quote is accompanied by a digital curation of interesting links that provide more information regarding the author or the relevance of the work. If this is your first time visiting LitCobs, stay awhile and have a look around. You can search by your favorite author and/or work (use the ‘Search’ bar on the right –> )or navigate through some of our most popular collections by using the links below. Don’t forget to link up with LitCobs through social media for exclusive content!Today on Literary Cobblestones

Check out what’s new on Literary Cobblestones.

About LitCob Link Button

Get to know Literary Cobblestones over on our “About”page. From there you can find out what LitCobs is all about as well as our contact information.

Gothic Literature LitCob Link Button


Gothic Literature is one of the most popular categories on LitCobs which is why the whole month of October is dedicated to the genre. Grab some cocoa, slide under your coziest blanket and get ready to be scared!

Collection of #NaNoWriMo Posts on Literary Cobblestones

Every November marks a month-long writing festival known as National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). In support of writers, LitCobs dedicates the whole month of November to the concept by focusing on words of wisdom from the greatest writers of our time. Check it out!



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